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Welcome To KishKnows, Inc.

“Specializing in Book Publishing & DO IT Empowerment”

Kisia L. Coleman is the mastermind behind the KishKnows, Inc. brand and “Bright Idea Company”™. She has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years and has served in ministry most of her life.

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What Makes Great People Great

This is the last article in my Claiming the Promise series. In the first article, Have Some Giants for Dinner, I talked about Caleb and the spirit of the worshipper. In the second, How Bad Do You Want It, I talked about how important it was to have the spirit of the... read more

How Bad Do You Want It?

This is the second article in my Claiming the Promise series. Last week, in the first article, I talked about facing up to the giants that are standing between you and that book you want to write, or between you and publishing that book, or between you and launching... read more

Have Some Giants For Dinner

In last week’s blog post, Praying In All Things, I mentioned that I was going to be talking this week about how to handle those giants you are facing in your writing, publishing, and book launching journey. This is the first of three articles in my Claiming the... read more
What Season Is It?
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Pastor F. Wilson

Because of her shared knowledge, we now have authors in our congregation.